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Love this! How do I start?

Hello :) Sign up online, and then we'll text you to begin

How many can I send?

You can send a monthly Silver Post postcard to either one or two recipients

When do I text?

Anytime! Text us whenever, just like a friend. You have all month to text your postcard; Silver Posts are mailed when each month ends

What if I forget?

No worries there :) We send friendly text reminders so you don't need to remember this

How many photos should I send?

We think Silver Posts look best with 1-2 photos, but you can send up to 4 photos for each monthly postcard. Your photos are automatically arranged as a collage on the front of the postcard

Do you do international shipping?

Yes! We mail Silver Posts all over the world. Price is the same, too :)

What size are the postcards?

When printed, Silver Posts are 4x6 inches. Perfect for a frame! That’s likely the info you’re looking for :) However, if you’re getting a little fancy and creating a custom design to use, create an image that’s 4.25” x 6.25”. That added buffer is needed for printing

Can I ask something else?

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