Behind the Texts

A little tech, a lotta love

The Silver Post was founded to connect generations. We are passionate about creating routines for families that are both meaningful and approachable. Our focus is to make each experience simple for members, and purely joyful for grandparents. 


With The Silver Post, grandparents feel included, remembered, and loved every month.



Growth & Community

Silver Post habit:
"I take a selfie. Photos of smiling faces are great, and take the pressure off feeling like 'I need to have an epic landscape photo from a solo backpacking-through-Europe trip I just took.' Take a pic of yourself walking down the street, write I love you, and -trust me- they love it."


Software Development

Silver Post habit:

"I look at the photos on my camera roll and choose a few that I already took. If I have a low key month, I'll go back to previous months photos and find a one there to talk about."


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Co-Founders Charles and Carolyn first met in 2016 while working in the fast-paced startup scene of Cambridge, Massachusetts. As busy as they were at their tech jobs, Carolyn was spending Saturdays leading activities at a local assisted living facility. She had been volunteering with Seniors for her whole life, but this place was special; it's where the idea for The Silver Post was born. Read about the exact moment here on Instagram


After sitting on the idea for awhile, Carolyn mentioned it to Charles and a few friends. It was a causal moment over lunch; her friends liked it, and then the conversation moved on. However, everything was about to change.


Later that week, Charles walked up to Carolyn and handed her five $1 bills. He smiled and said, “Have you ever started a company? Because I found the first customer.” Charles had loved the idea, pitched it to a friend, and was handed five dollars on the spot. The two got to work.


That month, February 2017, the first Silver Post was placed in the mail, and it began.


Membership has grown every month since, and we couldn’t be more honored to bring this experience to the world. Welcome to it!

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