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Why it started

It began with a purse. 👛

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The Origin Story

The idea for The Silver Post came to me (Carolyn) while volunteering in the Activity Center of an assisted living facility in Boston. ⁠I'd been volunteering there for over a year, but this Saturday was different.

I was busy prepping the room while people started to file in for the next activity. One woman sat down, and put her purse on her lap. She started to pull out some photos from her well-loved purse, and proudly shared them with those sitting near her. The photos were dark and a bit blurry, but she loved them. ⁠Others looked over her shoulder, smiling at the photos.

She proudly pointed to the faces of her various grandchildren. "They sent me these in the mail!" I had never seen her so animated or joyful. It was clear how much this gesture meant to her, and I started to wonder how I could help more families send photos.

Later, after a few experiments, The Silver Post was born.

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Growth & Community

Silver Post habit:
"I take a selfie. Photos of smiling faces are great, and take the pressure off feeling like 'I need to have an epic landscape photo from a solo backpacking-through-Europe trip I just took.' Take a pic of yourself walking down the street, write I love you, and -trust me- they love it."


Software Development

Silver Post habit:

"I look at the photos on my camera roll and choose a few that I already took. If I have a low key month, I'll go back to previous months photos and find a one there to talk about."


The Silver Post was founded to connect generations. We are passionate about creating routines for families that are both meaningful and approachable. Our focus is to make each experience simple for members, and purely joyful for grandparents. 


With The Silver Post, grandparents feel included, remembered, and loved every month.

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