Like a hug in the mail

Send love to the Grandparents every month just by texting The Silver Post
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How it works

We mail postcards

At the end of each month, we'll print a glossy 4x6 postcard with your custom elements, and place it in the mail to your loved one.


Your photos will be on the front, and the message goes on the back.


You text The Silver Post

Each month, we'll text you when it's time. Text us back with 1-4 photos, and a message for the grandparents.

Easy, right? That's our goal.

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Grandparents feel your love

Like magic, your love is in their hands. They see your smiling face, and can display family love throughout the home.


It's a joyful routine at their mailbox each month, and keeps everyone connected.

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Member Stories

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Start texting


  • One (1) custom postcard per month

  • Text reminders

  • Fun ideas

  • Automatic postcard previews

  • Stop any time

  • Want to send postcards to 2 people? There's an option at checkout!


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Send to all sets of grandparents

like Conor and Jess

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Share pics of loved ones

like Chanse

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Write messages "from the kids"

like DJ

Included in membership

  • Friendly reminder texts

  • A custom postcard each month

  • Fun postcard ideas

  • Postcard previews & editing control

  • International shipping

  • Support from our Boston-based team